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Barbour's Pond - November 11, 2013

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Say goodbye to Garret's reservoirs!!

Under federal mandate PVWC will replace the reservoirs on Garret Mountain with beautiful concrete water tanks. Read the full "story" here Reservoirs


  1. Hi Friends,
    I am building a website called savethereservoirs.
    I would like to place a link to this page on my site if possible.
    I am looking for assistance collecting information pertaining to the PVWC's plan to drain the reservoirs. I need photo's and stories.
    Please send to
    I will get a FB page up as soon as I can.
    E-mail is also in the works.

  2. Hi Friends,
    I'm building a website (could use assistance if anyone is html proficient). It is currently under construction but, I welcome you all to go check it out and send me any/all information or pictures you have that I can post to site.
    You can e-mail
    Please pass the word!

  3. Note my comment in this article in support of preserving Garret Mountain. Please add to the comment and spread the message.

  4. how come my comment has not posted? There was a follow up to this article that you put up in May. Just to keep it current:

  5. This is all for $ for the local politicians and PVWC.

  6. Caryn
    A group of us who live on Garret Mountain are eager to join with others to oppose this plan to convert our beautiful reservoirs into concrete craters. Please contact me at Many thanks, Gena