Barbour's Pond

Barbour's Pond
Barbour's Pond - November 11, 2013

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Friday, May 14, 2010

May Migration

The May migration has been up and down. A few days this month 20+ species of warbler were seen in the park. On the colder, windier days the south end Barbour's Pond was the place to see Warblers. The "Warbler Tree" near the basketball courts held 10 species of Warbler on May 8. It's still one of the better spots to view Warblers through the 14th. May 14th was highlighted by a Mourning Warbler and 30+ Blackburian Warblers. During the second week of May some rare birds for the park were seen. Mississippi Kite, Blue Grosbeak and Grasshopper Sparrow were seen by a few birders. It's been common to see upwards of 80 species of birds in a day, if you spend the time. Complete list of May sightings can be viewed May Bird list