Barbour's Pond

Barbour's Pond
Barbour's Pond - November 11, 2013

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring migrants begin to arrive

Over the last 2 weeks a good number of migrants have arrived at Garret.
Pine Warblers, Eastern Phoebes, Tree Swallows, Brown Creepers, Woodcock, Fox Sparrows, Song Sparrows as well as some migrating raptors. 13 Black Vultures (seen 3/19) were migrating north on the ridge as well as Red-tailed Hawks, 1 Osprey (seen 3/23), and numerous Turkey Vultures.


  1. I have been trying to locate someone who has some influence to get the GM Overlook cleared of trees. It is apparent that they have not been cleared in 4-5 years--the boles are as big as my wrist.
    We want to bring a busload of people to the site in May, and have to decide by mid-April whether it is worth it. If we can't see the panorama because of the foliage, it is definitely NOT worth it. We want to impress them with the site, not depress them.
    Any suggestions would be welcomed.

  2. Most of the trees on the overlook are considered invasives, Ailanthus altissima. We've mentioned it to the Park Dept. in the past. I believe the danger to their workers is an issue. Perhaps, NY/NJ Trail Conference, which is starting an invasives removal program on their maintained trails, might be the people to contact. The white trail at Garret does go right along the wall of the Overlook as you can see from our trail map. I can mention it to the head of the Park's Dept. as well/