Barbour's Pond

Barbour's Pond
Barbour's Pond - November 11, 2013

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Warm weather brings 'em out

It was a beautiful 50-60 degree November morning at Garret Mountain Reservation. Lots of birds around as well as a few migrating Red-tailed Hawks. Red-bellied Woodpeckers were seen all around the park. 10 Hooded Mergansers dove on Barbour's Pond. Song, White-throated, Fox, Field, and Chipping were seen today too. A Red-breasted Nuthatch was seen in the pines of the New St. Reservoir as was a Cooper's Hawk. Purple Finch was seen in the wet area north of the pond and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker by the gazebo on the south end of the pond. 10 turtles were out sunning on Barbour's Pond. The highlight of the day was the Eastern Box Turtle seen along Benson Dr. near the Stoney Brook Picnic Grove.

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